Guild Wars 2 [Eru]
Eru is a Finnish/international (p&p) rpg / MMO-guild founded at 1985. We are a mature (mostly 30+) group of casual to hc players with passion to gaming. Some of us focus on PvP all day long while others love to explore every inch of the game area. Family first, business second and pleasure third are our priorities. When it's time to play we want to have fun. Most of our members are or have become long term IRL-friends. 

Server: Desolation
VoIP: We have TeamSpeak 3 (30 slots), Mumble (15 slots) and Ventrilo 3 (10+ slots) servers.
Contact us via email:

In the previous Guild Wars we were known as:
- [MoN] Messengers of Nyarlathotep, PvP/PvE (around 10 players, during beta) 
- [KK] Kulhun Kultti, PvE/PvP (20+ active players, changed to SoK when PvP become main focus)
- [SoK] Shield of Kalevala, PvP/PvE (50+ players, alliance leader guild) 
- [SoS] Save Our Souls, PvP (10+ players, mostly GvG & HA) 
- Many of us spent a lot of time in [TxV] The X Viles, PvE/PvP during Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North

Total game hours in previous Guild Wars are around 5 000 to 1 000 per player.

Some other MMOs we are/have been playing as guild: WoW, AA2, AA3, Aion, TF2, AoC, GA, WAR, ChO, STrek, LOTRO, DC-U and SWTOR.
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